Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Syntax without logic

Syntax without Logic part I

It was yet another normal morning!! I was staring at her with my mind full of questions. Sadly I knew I wouldn’t get the answers so fast. She has put me in a lot of confusions right from the first day I have seen her . I have wondered a lot of times as to what really happens in that rectangular black box. I am referring to my PC with the flat screen monitor, of course!!!
Just then my MSN flashed. I could see it was from Divya .
There was a smile in my face

Divya says:
CVR says:
Very good morning madam!!!
I have grown to address all my friends who are girls as madam. Not many seem to mind too much, so I don’t.

Divya says:
Read your story , real nice!!!!
CVR says:
Thanks !! hey , Its not a story , it was a poem!!! L

I always knew there was a flaw in my rhyming, but I didn’t expect my closest friend to mistake it as a story!!

Divya says:
Whatever!! , Hey listen I have to tell you something!!
I knew it. Otherwise she wouldn’t have bothered to initiate the chat.

CVR says: What is it ?? the samsung guy proposed to you???
There was a former teammate of her’s who got a job in Samsung. They still keep in touch. I never miss a chance to tease her with that. I carry that operation with the utmost sincerity.

Divya says: Hey loose , I told you-na we are just friends!!!
She knows iam just kidding but she never misses a chance to call me loose. It’s a sort of secret deal between us.

CVR says: then what??
Divya says: will tell you during lunch. Ok I got work!! Gotta go.
CVR says : hey what is it?? Ok we will see during lunch.
Divya says: And one more thing.
CVR says:????
Divya says: Next time you write a poem . mention that in the bottom so that people can know!!!
CVR says: :@:@ grrrrr . Ok get on with your work . BFN (bye for now)
Divya says: bfn J

I closed the chat window. Just then my PM crossed over my cubicle.
Working in office needs more timing than playing a cover drive!!!

I started thinking what is it she would want to tell me. Sure it must be something exhaustive so that she decided to talk about it rather than discuss in chat. Also it must have happened very recently that she didn’t have time to call me or SMS me about it!!!
Me and Divya had been friends right from college days. Our friendship has stood through the usual gossip stories that echoes through the college corridors and the rigours of office work, which makes even the closer ones to lose touch. She had joined this company some 2-3 months before I had joined. She had given me a lot of moral support during the days when I had roamed about without a job.
Our parents are the bigger friends than we are. My mom and her mom work in the same school and both our families get together a lot during free time. We have a written agreement that I shall choose her future husband and she would choose my wife!!!
Wonder what she is gonna say during lunch.

Kung fu warriors of ancient times used to have skills that made them detect arrival of an impending threat. I suddenly had a same feeling .I snapped out of my thoughts and started looking into the java code My PL entered my cubicle with a “ good morning” and took his seat which was adjacent to me!!

To be continued………..
Syntax without logic – part II

I entered the food court at 12.40. It’s a time we both had settled for, we don’t need reminders to make the other person come for lunch.It’s a routine we had fallen into. But iam the one who usually comes first and she always keeps me waiting.

I felt as if couple of girls were looking at me and giggling about something!! I looked at them under the false context of searching for a friend.
“Is it over”.It was Divya
“Whaa what?? “,”Oh Divya,why did you come so early“

“You were looking at those two girls,weren’t you”.
“Of course, why you thought I was looking for you?? “

We both settled on to our usual table.
“So whats it”, I asked.
“whats what?? “

She knew exactly what I was talking about but she derived a lotta pleasure in acting dumb. Sometimes I thought she does not have to act too much for this!!
“My parents have located an alliance for me”, she told with a smile.
I was so happy. I was grinning widely partly due to the happy news and partly due to the imagining the guy’s misfortune!!

“wow!! That’s a great news!! Whoever thought God is merciful should imagine that guy’s life!!” I was laughing uncontrollably.
She aimed for a blow ,which she never attempted
and continued!!
“His name is Shashi. He works in XYZ company,saw his photo,looks OK”
Divya never openly admitted she liked any guy,I have grown to accept it as a natural tendency in most girls!!!
“So whats his sal!!! J onsite guy”, I enquired.

“Don’t be so cheap,hey listen the guy is not interested in the usual pen paarkkum padalam* ,he wants to have a diff kinda meeting instead”

“Hmm,that’s interesting!! What does he want to do?? Meet you in a pub??”,the sarcasm was obvious.
But I was beginning to like the guy already. I personally believed that the traditional approach was a little out of time in today’s world. I thought it was too humiliating for both parties, especially the girls. Finally the alliance is fixed mainly based on the parents views but the blame is put on the poor guy who nods his head more with confusion as he tastes his coffee.

“No, he wants me to meet him in Elliots* with a close friend of mine. I just wanted to inform you that we are going on Sunday”

I would have personally liked a meeting arranged only with both the parents in a temple but this was ok though. After all, Its his life. But I felt little odd about me accompanying her.
“Hmmm,Divya , May be you should take some girl with you, you never know how the guy is like , may be he would take it wrongly!!” , I was at my serious best.

“Nonsense!!! If he can’t understand our friendship then I would not want to live with such a sick guy .But I had already told him that Iam gonna come with you and he said Ok“.
Wow , that was fast!!! It looked as if its gonna be really hard to convince her!!
“That’s fine , but imagine what your parents would feel?? “
“hey if you don’t wanna come just tell me that, but don’t give me such stupid reasons.
By the way, my parents are fully aware that you are gonna accompany me and they could not find any other closer friend.
Hey amma wanted to meet you today evening”

“ok ok, I just have to cancel my date with Aishwarya but think I can do it for a friend!!”
“Aishwarya?? She is too old for you dude, think you should start finding someone much younger”

Her reply was even more serious than my statement!!! Noone can beat Divya in Sarcasm.

Later that evening I found myself munching dosas in Divya’s home.
“I can only hope Divya behaves herself in front of that guy CVR. The alliance looks real nice and I want this to get fixed somhow”, Divya’s mom was saying as she put one more dosa in my plate.

“don’t worry mami,Things will turn out perfectly fine. Its very hard for anyone to not like a nice girl like Divya”, I couldn’t suppress a brief smirk on my face as I said this.
Just then my mobile rang.
“Yeah yeah , divya had told me,how are you doing?”
“Near the police booth?? K sure,see you there”
“Fine!! Thanks”

It was Shashi.He had called to confirm the place and time.
Interesting guy. I was looking forward to meet him.

*Elliots – a famous beach in chennai.
* pen paarkkum padalam – a traditional custom where in the “would be” groom visits the
bride’s place with all his family and an alliance is fixed.

To be continued……….

Syntax without logic – part III

I reached the beach well in advance. It was a beautiful evening with the sea breeze gently caressing my hair. I picked up the mobile and dialed Divya’s number first.She was not picking it up. Think she is in bike. Then I dialed Shashi’s number. I got connected.
“Hi Shashi”
“Yeah I have come”
“You have arrived as well???”
I looked around and saw a guy holding a mobile facing the road.
“You wearing a blue shirt?? Ok I can see you ,Bye“

The guy placed the mobile back into his pouch and started looking around.Now I was sure that the guy was Shashi.
Shashi looked very cultured and soft. He reminded me of tamil film star vijay,just that shashi was a little bit more taller than him. Best of all he looked very friendly and approachable.
I started walking towards him and by this time he had identified me.
“Mr.Shashi??”, I enquired with a quizzical look and offered my hand for a shake.
His handshake was firm and sincere,I liked it.
We sat on the cement structure bordering the beach.
We briefly discussed about our backgrounds and I learnt that he was a highly successful software professional and has visited a quite a few places around the world.
Though a man with a few words, he was able to articulate his ideas in a crisp and no-nonsense manner. I got friendly with him very soon. We talked briefly about Divya and I expressed my apprehension about me accompanying her to this meeting.
“Chi chi, no probs,I wouldn’t mind that”, I felt he really meant what he was saying.

As we were speaking I noticed a gorgeous girl smiling at me. Attempting to lighten up the atmosphere I remarked “ You know I get into crazy imaginations quite often, even now I imagined as if that girl in red salwar was smiling at me!! He he”
By this time the girl was very close to us and started waving at us.
Shashi waved at the girl and said “ You are late Rakshitha”.
The girl said ,“Iam sorry, I didn’t get any bus”.
“CVR please meet my close friend Rakshitha.I originally thought she would serve as company to the person accompanying Divya’s whom I assumed would be a girl.”

“Hi….. Rakshandha!! I mean Rakshitha… Glad to meet you”,I muttered.

Where is the tsunami when you badly need one!!??
My life is a movie full of bloopers.

Shashi was smiling assuringly at me and his eyes told me “Its ok man , no probs”

Meanwhile I could spot Divya parking her scooty pep.
She seemed to have spotted us and started waving towards us.

“Sorry ppl,Iam late.Got stuck in traffic”,Divya said.
“Its Ok Divya,with your friend around I never realized I was waiting”,Shashi replied.

I couldn’t quite decide whether he was joking or whether he was serious.
“By the way, this is Rakshitha”, He introduced her to divya.
Divya greeted her with a smile and threw a cold stare at me unnoticed by others!!It meant “You refused to come with me , now what do you say”??
I looked away.

“think we will leave you guys alone for while , what say Rakshandha??”, I enquired.
“The name is Rakshitha “,she smiled.

“Oh sorry, you have had roasted corn in this beach?? Its my personal favourite!!”
So saying we started walking towards the sea.

Rakshita seemed to be a girl with very few words or she didn’t like talking to me. The latter seemed to have a higher probability!!!

“So Rakshandha … I mean Rakshitha,where are you from ??Your name sounds a little different.”
“Pune”,there was regret in her voice!
I realized that she is missing her home. S***!! That was a wrong question
“Hey!!! I have got friends from Pune,there were in my previous project”, I tried to cheer her up.
“Really?”,she looked very unimpressed.

Today is definitely not my day! I never figured out why great looking girls always wanted to avoid me!! J
I looked at the horizon for a few seconds. I wanted to tell her about my theory about the horizon and how it matches with life and death. I looked at her once and dumped that idea .
I looked back towards Divya and Shashi . They looked like a perfect match.My God please make this happen. I decided its time to go back.
“Can we go back”,I asked.
I realized she had been answering me only in single words!!

Shashi noticed us coming from a fair distance.They got up and looked as if they were getting ready to leave.

“So guys,leaving somewhere??”, I enquired.
Shashi smiled at me and said “ Ok CVR,time to go!!!”

Meanwhile the girls exchanged pleasantries and Divya offered to drop Rakshitha near her place which was gratefully taken.
“Ok,see you guys”,Divya left along with Rakshitha.

“So Shashi ,what do you think??”, I was eager to know.
“Lets just say that when I get back home, I am gonna ask my parents to get on with the marriage arrangements.
He was blushing and trying to cover it off with a smile.I never thought he was capable of blushing an hour back!!!
“Hey hey !!! look at your face!!!,congrats man!! This is a great news”, I tried to tease him.
He quickly composed himself and said”Ok CVR time to go,you need a lift??”
“No its ok , I have a bike”
“Ok chal,bye then”. He left.

I was sitting there for a while watching the waves.
I was very very happy.

That was until Divya called me later that night!!

To be continued……….

Syntax without logic – part IV

“Are you crazy ?? I mean … what the hell is wrong with you???”. I realized I was genuinely angry in my life after a long time.

I was in Divya’s place on the terrace. Divya had called me up and had said she is gonna say no to that guy.
“You wont understand CVR. I mean , ..he is a lot different from what I had fantasized about my future husband. He never looked like he was interested in me all through the meeting.”
I wanted to tell her about the way he blushed after she was gone but waited her to finish.

“I always wanted to have a guy as a husband who would go crazy about me. He should roam around me all the time and should want to be with me all the time. I want him to give me roses every other day and shamelessly propose to me again and again. He should not be angry with me at all and should treat me like a princess. He should be jealous of other guys when I talk to them. He should fight for me like a hero when someone teases me in cinema theatre. He should be ready to do anything I ask for.”
“I need candle lit dinners in Paris. I need romantic vacations in Switzerland. I need Gondola rides in Venice. I want him to carry me in his arms. I want him to shower flowers on me. I want him to make a carpet of roses when I complain that the marble flooring is hard on my foot.”

“Agreed …all these are fantasies. Agreed these are exaggerations and I don’t expect any guy to do all of these. But this guy was unbelievable. I thought this guy was interviewing me for a job ,for a while. He even asked me about future goals and all that!!!! I don’t think this guy will suit me CVR“, She finished as tried to catch her breath.

I was listenening to her patiently.
“Divya , lemme tell you that I fully appreciate your fantasies and I myself have fantasies of my own .But reality is far from fantasies. Casanova might have been a great lover but I doubt whether he would make a better husband. Romantic dialogues wont pay the bills!!you see.
That will be like a code with beautiful syntax but no logic.”

“Don’t be fooled by what you see in movies .Art romanticises life.To be more appropriate I should say ,Art romanticises people. Guys can get crazy over any girl during the beginning of a courtship. They can die for that girl and can even take on the world without thinking for a second ,during that period. But over a period of time his love becomes more settled and practical .That does not make it any less sincere, mind you. Its just that it less theatrical and less volatile. He will still take on the world for the woman he loves but this time it will be calm and pragmatic than just mindless show off. I can see the same kind of maturity in Shashi. “
“He is no Shelley or Keats but lemme tell you he is in his twenties. And any twenty year old can be romantic .May be he will change once he starts getting your love. May be its your love which is gonna open him up. A girl can drive any guy crazy if she makes him believe that she is in love with him and cares for his family.
Shashi might not fill any of your fantasies but he will get up to feed the baby in the middle of the night when you are too tired to get up. He would understand your work pressures and wouldn’t question you much when you come back late from office. He would cook and make coffee for you on the days you would want some extra help.
He has been to onsite so he would knows a thing or two about cooking.
He would help you in cleaning the house on weekends with very little nagging. He wouldn’t argue much about who gets to help the kids with their homework and would drop them to their coaching classes.”

I wanted to tell her zillion other reaons,but I believed she had got the point.
Divya was staring at the distant stars. She was thinking.
“Iam sorry Divya.Its your life and its entirely your choice but being your close friend I think its my duty to tell you all this. Shashi might not be the perfect lover you would want but he would make a very very decent husband.Think hard before you take any decision.I will stand behind any decision you make.”
So saying I left.


It was the most enjoyable wedding I had ever attended. I had to run around for hundred thousand things. But in the end when I saw Divya seated as a bride with Shashi,I realized I could do a hundred thousand more things for seeing this.
Did I forget to mention you that Shashi had become more “romantic” as the days to the wedding grew close. They had candlelit dinner in one of the city’s top restaurants where he gave her a rose bouquet and said “Divya,Will you marry me???”..Needless to say they celebrated their honeymoon in Switzerland.
I saw Rakshitha during the wedding. She did everything humanly possible to avoid me
and even acted as if she was paralysed when I happened to walk past her once!! J
I enjoyed it!!
I later learnt from Divya that she never liked me right from day one, for some reason which she couldn’t explain .If only I could understand these “some reasons”!! J
By the way I always remembered her name was Rakshitha and not Rakshandha!!! J .I later learnt that she got transferred to Pune. That was the last time I heard about her. LJ

Years have rolled by and me and Divya are in different companies now. Shashi and myself are even more closer friends than myself and Divya. I liked it that way.

The End

PS : This is a work of fiction presented as an anecdote!! J


Divya said...

Wow, xlnt!!
I felt as if I am watiching a movie......really really enjoyed reading this post!!!

[ one doubt CVR, why do u put 'J' often in between ur writing????]

CVR said...

Thanks madam!!
i used to post this in my company's bullettin board. In that i used microsoft outlook where in the keyboard combination of :) used to appear as smiley.
when i copy pasted it in the blog it appeared as j!!

peri said...

All I can say is "Superb"..

Man you are an excellent narrarator !!!!
donno the fiction part of the story...I wish I'd have attend the marriage..

Some of the lines I myself enjoyed a lot..

" have grown to accept it as a natural tendency in most girls!!!"

ok ok, I just have to cancel my date with Aishwarya but think I can do it for a friend!!"

"Where is the tsunami when you badly need one!!??"

"You refused to come with me , now what do you say??"

".If only I could understand these some reasons!! " - happens buddy..always !!!!

And last discussion with Divya..!! - superubuu thalaiva..kalakiputeenga...

CVR said...

romba tanksu thalaiva!! :D

Srivats said...

//My life is a movie full of bloopers.//

Have you seen big brother or any other famous movie or TV shows?

Bloopers becomes special part of it, it just shows how human we are :)

Good narration as always and u are very good at writing romantic stories.

Even I like the idea of CVR and Sashi being close friends it helps divya na?

CVR said...

Thanks Srivats
//Even I like the idea of CVR and Sashi being close friends it helps divya na?///
I believe thats what would help divya,than any other scenario!! :-)

Anonymous said...


You should have put comma, instead of full stop. The sequel would be more interesting with you and Rakshita in lead!! whatta say?? J (your language)..

I was someway disappointed the way you let Rakshita go jus' like that.. anyways nice one..


CVR said...

Thanks for the comments! :-)

This was Divya's story..the sideline with Rakshita was just somthing to lighten up :)