Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Book

The Book – part I

It was Sunday and I was busy rearranging my dad’s shelves. It’s a routine in our home to carry out cleaning and other house related activities in the morning before we settle for a hot, mouth-watering lunch from my mom in the afternoon. There was one book in the third shelf, which stood out from the usual spiritual/religious books that take up 99% of my dad’s collection. It was a fairly thick big with a red binding. There were just the words “Bugs and fixes”. I enquired my mom about the book and she replied that this must be one of my computer related books. I had a glance through the pages and found out that it was a work of fiction. It looked more like a novel than anything else. Strangely there was no mention of the author or publishers. I kept it aside to be read at a later. I soon forgot about it as I continued to rearrange the shelf.

After the tedious work, I had a fresh bath and sumptuous meal. As I came back to my room after the lunch my eyes fell on that red book. I wanted to have a look into it but was too sleepy to start reading. When I got up from my nap, I realized I was getting late for the movie, which I had planned to go with my friends. After a memorable evening with friends I came back home late at night. My eyes fell on the book again as I was getting into my nightdress. I decided to catch up some sleep, as I was not in a mood to start reading a novel. Unlike other books, novels require a lot of attention in the beginning so that we can grasp the characters, situation and feel of the story and continue with the other chapters.

The next day I got up later than usual. I remembered that I had a training session to attend, which meant I had to go to the office fairly earlier than usual. I hurriedly got ready for the office. I looked at the book as I was wearing my belt. My mind was itching to know more about the book. I decided to read a page or two to get the feel of the story.
I randomly chose a page in the middle and started reading.
“Good bye!” she wished the colleagues in her cubicle and started walking towards the entrance with her friend. I was wondering whether she realized that I am standing up and waiting to be wished good-bye as she left. She was busy talking and laughing and didn’t seem to notice me at all. Is she not able to see me or is she just ignoring me?? I felt it was more of the latter!! A streak of pain hit like a micro lightning into my heart. I couldn’t figure how she could remain so insensitive to my feelings. I felt like calling out to her and wish her good bye , but I was afraid to. What if I call and she does not turn back?? What’s the worth if I have to make her look at me?? Shouldn’t she feel it within herself?
She was fast approaching the exit. All the while she wasn’t even attempting to look at me. I was just watching her get closer to the entrance with my head rested on my palm, which was planted on the sidewalls of the cubicle.
Just when she was about to leave the room and was about to leave my line of sight, She looked back. Was she looking at me or was it just a cursory glance at the room as she was leaving? It seemed as if she wanted to see whether I was watching her. I smiled and drew an imaginary circle with my fingers without lifting my head, signaling a friendly bye. She seemed to have noticed it and her smile grew bigger, or so I thought. That was the last thing I could see before the momentum took her past the entrance and away from my sight. I heaved a sigh and sat down. I couldn’t concentrate on my work for a while.
The chapter had ended. There were mixed emotions in my heart. Firstly there was a deep pain, which had brought a tear in my eye. Secondly I was in great shock.
This was an exact depiction of what had happened in my life. I turned a few pages and started reading again. After a few seconds I closed the book with the urgency of a firefighter.
My God!!!! I can’t read this chapter. This is the chapter I want to forget.

What is this book??? Who wrote this??? How come it’s like my personal diary?? How could someone know the deepest secrets of my life and write the way exactly I had felt.
I got curious and wanted to open up the last page of the book. Just then I heard footsteps.
It was my mom.
“What are you doing? Aren’t you getting late for office? I remember you were saying that you have to go early today!!! Breakfast is ready”

“Yes ma!!!!”
I kept the book on the table and went to the dining table.

I was bewildered.
I was confused.
I couldn’t think.

Will somebody believe me if I told them about this book??
I looked at my mom. I shook my head. I can’t tell her, she will definitely be confused and worried.
Soon I got on my bike and started to my office and all the way I was thinking about the book. How the hell could someone know all this?? How can somebody know what I felt and write it as a book!!!!
Am I dreaming!!????

After reaching office I forgot as to which hall the training was in!!! I was 1-2 minutes late for the session, as I had to gather that information. I felt real sorry for being late and sneaked in without looking at the instructor.

After a few minutes into the session I asked some dumb question at the instructor. I persisted even after being given an initial explanation for my “doubt”. This should do the trick. Now I can be sure of not being bothered for the rest of the session.
My mind briefly wandered over the memories of the incident about which I read from the book that morning. I decided not to dwell upon it. But I couldn’t get any logical explanation about the book itself.

In the evening I was in the office canteen with my friend Selvi whom I call as “Shelley”. That’s because she writes wonderful poems. I know Shelley is a man but Selvi doesn’t look much like a girl anyway!!!
“Trust me madam!! It was …. Like…its Unbelievable”, I took a sip of hot chocolate.

Shelley was busy munching sweet corn.
“azre yhzhaaar , yzu aazh jsshht imaazhgining!!!!”
The words were pretty badly meshed up as it came out of her mouth full of “Sweet corn”

There was vibration in my pant pocket. I had kept the mobile in silent mode.
The number in the mobile was something I hadn’t seen before.

“Hi, you doing fine???”

The voice was familiar. It was a male voice.

“Yeah. I am fine thanks. May I know who is this??”
“You will know soon enough. Meet me in 1 hr at the shiva temple near your home, don’t forget to bring the book”

I almost spilled the hot chocolate from my mouth. How did he know about the book?? Shelley is the only person to whom I have told about the book.
“hey.. who is this??”
“Cant you wait for just one hour??? And one more thing,whatever you do DO NOT read anymore from the book”
The line went dead.

I looked at my watch. I could make it just in time if I left NOW.

To be continued………

The book – part II

My mind was in total chaos as I was traveling back to home.
Who is this guy?? Does he want to black mail me with this book!!!!!???
I laughed out loud at that thought the next instant. I do imagine too much.

But what does he want from me??
Why did he ask me not to read anymore from the book???
Is this some kind of black magic??
Will this open up some evil spell that would start a chain reaction of “Armageddon” proportions??
God!!! Why do I always think in an exaggerated fashion?

I decided to rest my mind for a while and find out the answers for my questions during the meeting.
What if he never turns up!!! My mind started again!!
Oh shut up!! I told my mind.

I got up startled, as my bus was nearing the place of drop. I had fallen into a gentle nap as the bus was struggling through the heavy traffic. It was about time.

I went to my room and took the book.
“You going somewhere?? Why don’t you have a tea before going anywhere?” it was my mom.
“No ma, got to meet a friend”
I kicked started my bike.

The Shiva temple was just 5 mins ride from my home. It was an ancient temple built in 10th century by some king from Chola dynasty.
I loved the ambience of the place. It was fairly dark when I reached the temple.

I could see a person standing as I went towards the entrance. He looked as if he was 40-45 years old.
He had a long face and he was cleanly shaved. He had cut short his hair so much that it looked as if he had tonsured his head recently. He was fair and was wearing a dark coloured pyjama kurta . He was of an average height and was having a slightly bigger belly, otherwise he was fairly thin.
The resemblance was unmistakable. He was looking exactly like what I would be like, at the age of 40.
I slowed down as I neared him and felt like I was watching a ghost.
He smiled at me and said.
“Relax!! I know you will be confused. Let’s have the darshan of the deity and then we shall talk. You got the book na??” he enquired.
“yeah.. Its in the side box of the bike”, I replied as I studied his facial features without seeing anywhere else as if I was in a trance.

I could notice that his mannerisms were more like mine but were a lot slower and with more assurance.

After 10 minutes we were sitting at the banks of the temple’s tank with the red book in my hand.

He looked at me with all kindness and started talking.
“Let me take this!!” so saying he took the book from my hands.
I was too startled to protest.

“You like it????” he enquired.
I was staring at him with confusion and didn’t feel like saying anything.
“Of course you would like it!!! It your story na??!!!”
he smiled and continued.
“I mean, our story”

My head was spinning. What is going on here???
He seemed to have read my confusion.

“Ever heard of time travel, kid???”
“Yes, a very popular science fiction, which some people say will never happen”
“Grand father paradox! What if I go back in time and kill my grandfather before he conceives my dad?? That will be a paradoxical situation. If my grandfather is dead then my dad won’t be there and resultantly I won’t be there. But if I am not there then I can’t go back in time and kill my grand father!!! That’s the paradox. That’s why some scientists say time travel can never be possible.”
“Very Good!!, Can you think of any other idea by which we can work around this paradox?”
“Yes ! Some scientists support the theory of parallel universes. In which there are separate dimensions for past present and future, so if someone goes to the past and does something that will only affect that dimension and not his dimension.”

“Bingo!!!, now let me tell you a little secret kid.”
I raised my head and looked at his face.

“the stuff you just said…….. Its not fiction… its real. As real as you and me”
I was not able to believe it.

“I am from the other dimension you were talking about. You become a writer at the age of 40, which is me!!! And by the time we humans have figured out a way to travel back in time and land up in other dimensions. I came here couple of days back as I was curious to find out about you. In other words I traveled back in time and landed up in this universe!! I brought my draft autobiography with me to see how much you match with me. I even broke into your house and after looking at you went back without a trace. But I had left my book in your home by mistake. Our mom must have kept it in our dad’s shelf from where you found out about it. I saw you reading from the book as I spied your home today morning. So I decided to give a call to you and get it back.
Are we clear now???”

I shook my head more out of confusion.
I wanted to ask him too many questions but when I thought there was nothing I wanted to ask. I realized I was just going through disbelief than doubt.
I suddenly remembered something
“Why did you ask me not to read anymore??”
“Because, I don’t want you to lose the suspense in your life. The greatest thing about life is that it has got suspense.”
He looked at me long and hard for a while and let out an “all knowing” smile!!

I wanted to ask him a thousand things about my future.
He seemed to have read my thought.
“I don’t know what to say kid , but trust me, everything will be alright in the end and you wont regret about it”
I was not sure what did he really mean by it.

“Ok!! Time to leave” he got up.
“hey when will we meet again???” I asked him.

He smiled at me and said “Never”
“And one more thing” he continued. “Don’t tell this to anyone”
“why?? That will blow the cover of your dimension???” I was getting naughty.

“No , nobody will trust you and the next time I will have to meet you at Ervadi*”, he smiled but he sounded more serious than I would have liked him to be.

He started walking and soon he was out of my sight and so was the book.

*Ervadi - a lunatic asylum in tamilnadu known for its harsh living conditions.

The End.


vikki said...

How does this sound?
Parallel Universe # 1: CVR's space.
Parallel Universe # 2: Old CVR @40yrs
Parallel Universe # 3: CVR @100yrs
Parallel Universe # 4: CVR is given back to the elements. Now, there is noone called CVR.

Then on this direction,
Parallel Universe # -1: CVR is just born.
Parallel Universe # -2: He is conceived. Yet to be named as CVR.
Parallel Universe # -3: Elements .

Mind blowing isn't it.

CVR said...

yes in those lines,there must be billions and billions of such universes existing at the same time!!!

Nirpadhuve nadapadhuve parappadhuve!!
neengalaellam soppanam dhaano,pala thotra mayakkangalo!!!

means a lot more now than what i understood the first time!! :)
dont you think?? :)

peri said...

the greatest thing about life is that it has got suspense, and should not be revealed, unless it uncovers itself ...


CVR said...

Thanks Peri!:-)

Anonymous said...

//e looked as if he was 40-45 years old.
He had a long face and he was cleanly shaved. He had cut short his hair so much that it looked as if he had tonsured his head recently. He was fair and was wearing a dark coloured pyjama kurta . He was of an average height and was having a slightly bigger belly, otherwise he was fairly thin.//

brother,this is how you imagined yourself at the age of 40?hehe.good imagination and a interesting story.I enjoyed reading it.

இராம் said...

/good imagination and a interesting story.I enjoyed reading it.//


ultimate story... :)

kannabiran, RAVI SHANKAR (KRS) said...


Very Interesting Story!
Are u "Simply" CVR or "Complexly" CVR? :-)

//Ever heard of time travel, kid???”
“Yes, a very popular science fiction, which some people say will never happen”//

It's not only science fiction!
Ramayana happens many times over ages. When Rama is happily marrying a girl here in one age, Rama is wailing in the forest for his wife at another dimension. We have this awesome novel by Kakabujandar, a siddha who resembled a crow. That's a different story!

CVR@40 was seen by CVR himself.
But CVR@5 was seen by me yesterday at CVR's place! :-))))

Krish said...

Superb da!!! Thambi when I was with you at young age, I would think you would be an extraordinary person... I am sure you are and you will be one of the stars in the world!!!
Chanceless - my childhood word for best works still stands true!!!


Krish said...

Super Da!!!
I expected you to become an extraordinary person during childhood days, Yes you have become and utilized your talents in right way...High appreciated!!!

Srivats said...

Mind boggling!
parallel universe erundhu if CVR @40 can come to ur place, with his(or ur help?!@) u can go with him to his universe and see that too ellai ? so then what happens when two dimensions shares the common dimansion?

Have you seen moive "lake house " ?
Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock (both my fav) they fall in love only problem is Time!!