Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ramblings with God

Had written this loooooooooong back(must have been some appraisal time).
Posted it in INK and had forgotten abt it.

Yesterday i got a mail from someone who said she has a part of this poem and whether i have the full piece!!
Well obviously i didnt!!

The funny thing is that somehow she managed to get the full poem and mailed it to me too!!
weird!! isnt it!!!

anyways! here is the poem!! :-) written during my early days (November 2005),so kindly excuse if its too raw and immature!! :-)

Ramblings with God

Good or Bad , right or wrong

I leave it to thee to decide

Success and failure, highs and lows

I shall take it in my stride

For I have realised

Its You who is playing the game

Boundaries or wickets

For me its all the same

A fool I was

To think I run the show

Who is the boss??

now I clearly know

For the ups and downs i have had

I don’t have any regrets though,

For the moments of confused stillness

And the time amidst friends and foe.

For I know there is a reason

for all this apparent chaos

When things will fall in place

And when the genius of your design shows

Until then I will march along

Doing my best with the work at hand

Figuring out life is left with you

Easier for me, is to count the grains of sand!!


Dreamzz said...

Englis poem asathal! nalla meaning!
ippellam Gmail officela varadhilla. for some reasom ny anonymizer is too slow to load the chat.. ennanu check pannanum.. :)

இம்சை அரசி said...

//Who is the boss??

now I clearly know

Sivaji(The Boss... mottai Boss)... am i rite? ;)))

CVR said...

உங்க அறிவை பார்த்து!!!எனக்கு கண்ணூ கூசுது!!! :-P

Anonymous said...

November 2007 ??? did u time travel :P

CVR said...

sorry for pointing that out!!

it was supposed to be 2005!!
will change that rightaway!! :-)

sravan said...

Unfortunately, god always seems to sit with the managers for lunch. so, the best deal is 2 bcome a manager soon and make a poet of some of d software engineers reportin 2 u ;)

enna ulagamappa! ;)

keep smilin,