Sunday, June 29, 2008

Purpose of life - random thoughts

The purpose of life is not to be happy

The purpose of life is to live.

To live is to be happy, sad, endure, struggle, rejoice, and get angry.

To live is to follow your heart.

We all get really depressed when things don't go fine, when we get into things that don't make us "happy". Or into things that we think won't make us happy in the future.

We lament why we are put into such situations and see it as an out of norm occurrence, something which shouldn't have happened but has happened to put us in misery, something of an anomaly.

There in lies the flaw! By understanding that tricky situations are as much a part of life as happy situations we can feel liberated cheerful and can have a more matured and positive outlook on life.

Life at best can be explained as opportunities that bring out the best human in you, giving you opportunities to express the ideals within you.

To take decisions based on truth, bravery and love.To follow your heart without giving up!!!

Challenges are the only opportunities which shall let you achieve this!

The more testing the situations are, the more fruitful the result is going to be, In establishing your self belief and to understand yourself better and to live.

Sure we can't be all perfect all the time. We have our limitations with respect to love, truth and courage.

I can't be all loving all the time! I can't donate my entire salary to the empowerment of poor.

I can't be all courageous all the time! And nor I can be all truthful!

But the trick lies in understanding the limits and to try and push them when you feel like doing it.

To live life is to be happy.

To live is to follow your heart.

To struggle, endure, and fight, the opportunities that lead you to do all these……it's all part of life, not just the moments that make you smile end to end.

Most situations can be funny if only we can learn to step back a little and look at it as an outsider. Its worth a try.

Sure you can derive happiness while doing all of the "non-happy" situation, if we can train our mind to understand that its meant to happen in your life, no matter what life offers you.

One can be happy even if we are in situations that don't make us "happy".

One can be really happy only when you follow your heart!


Rajagopalan said...

Very true.. iam now learning to step back and oberve things :-)

G3 said...

Thanks CVR. Timely post. Was in a complete depressed mood today mrng. Ur post had helped me to control/convince myself :)

Nandri Nandri Nandri :)

anbudan vaalu said...

nice blog cvr........

i especially like the line " we can not be all loving all the time; i can't spend my entire salary for the empowerment of poor" very true and realistic............