Monday, January 19, 2009

Delhi - 6 short and crisp music review

Rahman never fails to stamp his mark on sufi numbers!! This one is another feather on his cap!! The voice and music beautifully creates the mood in this one...

Delhi hai meri yaar
Iam sure this will be lapped up BIG time by generation X,Y etc etc.And this song will be running in the background when there is a report on Delhi shown onTV.Rahman has presented a "Madras-a sutthi paaka poraen" for Delhi which will serve the great city for years to come.

Dil gira kahi par,dafatan
Its one of those songs which silences everything else when you start listening to it.when you walk in the streets with this song on your headphones,you will feel as if you are an observer and the world around is functioning in a different plane/dimension.The song has an incredible calming effect on my mind.Sounds a bit like i have listened to it somewhere ,probably as a BGM in some japanese or chinese movie,but very soon i stop investigating and surrender to the mesmerising tune.

Genda phool
A beautiful folk number which nicely builds up starting with a traditional and non-chalant voice.I have never been short of amazement on Rahman's ability to churn out traditional folk numbers without the rustiness of an outsider.It always sounds like as if he has been born and brought up with the sounds of those music.Be it sufi,punjabi or carnatic and even pettai rap.A beautiful piece of music that gives a very neat introduction to any outsider about Rajasthani folk.

Kaala Bundher
A foot tapping number easily gets into your mind and gets you dancing even as the simple rap coupled with techno beats makes you forget about the world around you.This will be another one of those songs which be an instant favourite among the younger generation.

Very light and informal sounding song.One that you can expect people to sing with zeal after having their round of dharu.A jolly and upbeat one that your lips will murmur while on higher spirits.

Rehna Tu
This is one of those unique Rahman numbers which might sound slow and uninteresting in the begining and might require some time to set in.But a perfect number to listen when you are alone ,be it working in the kitchen or cleaning the living room or just lying back with your eyes closed .One of those songs,which you will never forget after it manages to break in.

Aarti Tumre Bhavan Mein
More like a bhajan.Not as extensive as "Man mohana" from Jodha Akbar or "Oh paavan hare" from lagaan.This seems to be a smaller piece ,more like a BGM.Soothing.

Bhor bhaye
An out and out hindustani piece.The female voice is really sweet and very enjoyable for melody fans like me.I am sure this will be a real treat to all classical music lovers.

Zarrae zarrae.
More like a recital from Amitabh.Such an enchanting voice he has,but this aint any what else to write..  :)

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பிரேம்ஜி said...

Nice Review. I almost felt the same what you had. :-))