Friday, April 15, 2005

A thing of beauty

A thing of beauty

she is so gorgeous!!!!
Not an hour goes ,without me staring at her breathtaking beauty.Every single day ,her very thought makes me come to office.
I couldnt get out of the habit of peeking at her while she is not facing me.
It all started right from the day i got into my project. Yup!! It was love at first sight. J
So many days i have dreamt about having her close enough to touch her and gaze at her hours together. I couldn’t stop dreaming about her with her predominantly white attire with which I see her so often. Yet I can imagine that she will look even better in black.Either way her slim figure just drives me crazy.
Though I am sure that she is not aware of my deep feelings towards her, i can only hope that someday she will enter my life to add brilliant colours to my dull existence.
My heart burns with envy when my colleagues get to work with her !! Their eyes shining bright as they try to get on with the project.
With deep resolve building up I decided to find an end to this mental torture. I am going to bite the bullet and utter those magic words. I am not gonna worry whether the result is positive or negative or what effect it will have on my image.
I held my breath , walked up to my PM’s cubicle,and said “I need flat screen monitor”


sravan said...

:D .. lol!

liked d thinkin. same pinch.

மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

Really a amazing clicmaxed story..

Congrats CVR on your first story :-)

CVR said...

Thanks Karthik!:-)

Srivats said...

cyber love apdeennu solluvangaley adhuva? he he super appu