Friday, May 06, 2005

Most Important woman

Most important Woman

I can barely focus on my driving!!!
My mind was full of your million dollar smile and those three words uttered !!!

"Bye, take care"

The biggest weakness of mankind is words!! How limited it is when you want to express your feelings!! Its the best we humans have got for communication but its not perfect.
We both know that those three words mean a lot more than the meaning it conveys!!!!
Your eyes said it all!!

I never thought you would mean so much to me when I saw you first. I was too overawed with the new experience even to notice you properly!! An entry into a new world!
But it didn’t take me too many days to realize that you would be the most important woman in my life. So many nights I had woken up from sleep yearning for your gentle touch and warmth. Day by day our bonding increased and even you seem to like me very much!! It was such a new and wonderful experience for me! And wanted to spend all my day by having lonely conversations with you!!! I could not imagine a life without you and wanted you to be with me for the rest of my life.

My eyes drift towards a hoarding carrying the advertisement of a jewelllery!! The model in the ad is soooooo cute!! J
To be honest I have seen so many girls who are better looking than you but none as charming as you. I can never figure out what is it that draws me towards you like a magnet!

Just then an autowallah crosses without any indication!!
When will these guys learn!! They wouldn’t know how precious my life is for me!! I don’t want to die. I want to live. I want to live to see you smile. I want to live to protect you from this crazy world. I want to live so that you can be happy.
Many a times you have been the single reason between me and suicide.

Will I ever be able to realize the unconditional love towards me?? I know I would never be able to match it! My God , I thank you.I thankyou for the rivers,the mountains and all the beautiful things you have given me.More than all I thank you for sending me my guardian angel into my life.
Overwhelmed with love and gratitude ,with tears in my eyes,I call out the most beautiful words the world will ever know!!!


Venkat said...

Though I have already read this in the BB, I did not realize it until I read the final line... Kalakura po!

CVR said...

Thanks Thala!! :-)

Srivats said...

first i thought its about a baby, i mean a grown man to a baby. But ammannudhum konjam kolambitten he he :)