Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Restroom chain

Just recording a thought...
I think privatised restroom chains will be really good idea to implement.
Iam sure most of the upper middle class will gladly pay a nominal amount(I will) to have clean and decent restrooms in places they frequent(Pondy bazaar,MG road kinda places).Iam sure this will be a major relief for ladies and they will be more welcoming about such an idea.One can buy cards with which they can use any of these restroom outlets opened in various parts of the cities.
Currently you never find any "usable" restrooms in public places.People either have to control their urge to relieve or find a corner...Such outlets can be made mandatory in major railway stations,bus stations etc
With enough marketing and advertising coupled with an aggressive awareness campaign this project can be a grand success , provided this is rolled out on a mass scale with enough coverage on all important places.
This idea will have a dual benefit to the country. This will be a very nice business oppurtunity for the big corporates(I am sure guys like Reliance will lap it up) ,also this will this will bring in much needed hygiene and sanitation in the streets of our country.
I can think of another positive outcome out of this idea.Once the this business is carried out on a professional scale,the job of maintaining restrooms will no longer be considered as menial.Iam sure that the perception towards the sanitation workers improved after the advent of uniform clad workers of ONYX...
Just a thought..
Your views please :)

PS: I HATE to see people pissing in public!!! I get to see that quite a lot during my commute to office and i cant tell how much it disgusts me :(


Priya said...

Thaz a good post and my first comment in ur blog. Its pretty scary when you don't have public washrooms and incase if u have, u just can't enter it at all.

In North America anywhere or everywhere public toilets are free. But in Europe you got to pay 50 cents and they keep real clean for what you pay. Public hygiene is something an awareness shud come in but people lack it other than their homes. I won't say all toilets in North America are clean. Ther are weird ppl' who just can't do some work to flush it off.

I think the Govt' shud atleast bring some fines when people misuse roads and hidden trees anywhere they wanna release.If ther are few ads and posters how it affects health and water system, people can atleast think twice before they go. It shud start basic right from local groups/ hospitals/ from students and influential people who can bring a change.

It reminds me while in India, when I plan to go out, I never drink water for hours till I reach home. Its not funny but thaz the reality.
Good post.

CVR said...

// think the Govt' shud atleast bring some fines when people misuse roads and hidden trees anywhere they wanna release.///

I think that would be unfair before they can provide a viable option!!! When people gotta go,they gotta go!!Cant help it!! And simply fining them without proper facilities is not gonna solve any problems!! So i thought about getting the infrastructure in place before going about fining and stuff :)

Priya said...

When people gotta go,they gotta go..

Pretty easy from mens point of view.

Infrastructure... Its good to contact some private organization or atleast write to the media and see what answer you get. I know its a long procedure.

Anonymous said...

nalla idea thaan .........execute aaguma????