Monday, December 08, 2008

The two stages in photography

According to me there are roughly 2 stages in photographing something.

The first stage is when you recognise that something is worthy enough to be photographed. This is a very precious and unique skill that helps setting a photographer apart from the bunch. The ability to pick up an interesting subject from the loads of scenes that hits one's eye .Many a times we see folks presenting something very mundane and plain as an interesting piece of art.Its all possible because he/she was able to see an interesting photograph in that scene even before he/she decided to shoot.
Then comes the most crucial phase.

The second stage of the activity.This is when you try to look at the scene in your perspective. Every person is unique and special and his/her way of looking at things is shaped by the experiences,mindsets,grooming and attitudes of that person. And the way a person looks at a scene differs due to that. In this stage a photographer tries to appreciate the beauty of the scene he/she is seeing and tries various ways of looking at it.

How will it look if i kneel down a bit,how about stepping up a little?? How will the light change if walk a few paces to my side...etc etc..There are a hundred million ways of looking at a thing...
Its fun....This is the phase i enjoy the most.Its this phase when a photographer totally forgets everything,and is totally immersed in the nuances of the art.This is the phase when a photographer's style is stamped onto the picture and decides how much it is different from a cliched version of the scene.

It took me a lot days to realise this.When i started with my hobby,my primary aim was to share the beauty i see in this world. Photography was an effort for me to capture something,show it to my friends and say"Look at this..this is how beautiful it was..this is how special it was...
Something on the lines of "
யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம்,பெருக இவ்வையகம்" (Whatever i enjoy,let the world enjoy it too). So i didnt want to miss the moment. I was afraid that if i dont capture it i will never get a chance to capture something so i never gave too much of a thought before clicking.As a result i ended up with far too many of pictures which i couldnt show to anyone let alone the fellow enthusiasts who expect something special.It was too normal...It was too unprofessional.

There was no "me" in them.They were pictures which "anybody" could have taken...But ever since this realisation hit me,the photography experience has been more fulfilling and enriching.
Though i couldnt claim to have learnt even 1% of the tricks of this beautiful art,i felt like putting this thought of mine in words so that somebody might find it useful..

Keep clicking!! :)


Priya said...

Totally;) You become one of a child in the learning process and anything which makes us happy we click. Photography is not about perfection, but an art which comes witin and through practice.

kappi said...

etho periya vishayam solreenga :))

Smitha said...

we try to find beauty and value in everything, thats what makes our life beautiful with photography, coz we take in the beauty around us every moment.
Beautiful photos.
Thank you.

Cyriac said...

well said CVR. am also in the same position. even though i have took some photos which r pretty decent i dont feel like sharing it in a place where gurus r there (slrbb). i feel like i shld be having something more to put it there.