Saturday, December 13, 2008

Short short stories

I have always wanted write these really short and subtle stories that can be interpreted differently by different people.Also it can bring out a lot of stuff as you start thinking about it.It cuts out the crap and presents the message in a crisp and uniquely enjoyable fashion.

The pain of love


"I cant believe you are falling for that man...I mean...not THAT man...but any MAN",Sunitha sounded very frustrated.
"I am in love dear",Monica smiled at her room mate,picked up her bag and walked down the street to meet her beloved.

"You are so stupid",Sunitha spoke at the reflecting door,long after monica had left the room.Then she broke down and started crying as his smiling face started another wave of pain in her heart.


What I had thought was..

Sunitha had had a love failure because of which she is disillusioned with men and love!!

That disappointment had converted into hatred towards men…

Another interpretation is that sunitha is outwardly ultra modern types and doesn’t like men and all but deep inside she nourishes love for the guy and hasn’t expressed it to anyone!

Her disappointment boils out as anger mixed with feminist views when she learns that her room mate is in love with the same guy!!
These were what I had thought while writing the story

It was interesting to note that there were several interpretations ranging from lesbian to transgender POVs to this one..

Best understood


"We never spoke or met each other after that", he finished his sincere narration of his love failure.She had been patiently listening to him ,wrapped in his arms on the decorated bed, on the first night as man and wife. There was silence for some time as she felt his grip tighten around her just a little bit. She felt it oddly comforting...
"Its ok dear!! Dont worry about it..Now you have got me.." she held on to his hand and kissed it.

"So ...whats your story??", he tried to get back to lighter moods with a playful jerk.
"Me???No Chance...You have no idea how strict my mom is...I never even used to talk to guys during college days" , she giggled,trying really hard to fight back the lone tear that was threatening to spurt out of her eye and making sure that the lump in her throat is not picked up by him...
He tightened his grip around her even more,gently kissed on her head and merely smiled.

As many of you might have understood,the lady also has a love failure in her life which she chooses not to tell him due to various reasons.
The husband understands that. He decides not to push her and leave it to her choice.But he also comforts her for her pain.There is a unspoken understanding between the guy and his wife even though no word is directly spoken about it.
Also the the extent of each one's love and the past is kept in dark so that the reader can imagine that to his/her choice.. :)

There is also a subtle message in this story about the pressures and thinkings of a lady before being entirely truthful about her past(even though the husband is very friendly and loving) and tries to get the reader thinking on those points..


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