Saturday, May 16, 2009

The brightly colored shirt and related woes

Iam wearing a shirt today which i had been avoiding for a really really long time!

Its bright orange in color and its so jarring and saturated that i would be seriously afraid to go out on the streets for the fear of provoking any angry bull,or even goat,sheep or a dog for that matter.
This shirt was bought by mom without my knowledge during one of her shopping stints and i gulped two jugs of cold water after recovering from unconsciousness after seeing the shirt for the first time.
My mom has the inimitable knack of picking such things!! From time immemorial she gives me such surprises which mostly ends with "You_never like_whatever_i_buy_for_you!! "I_bought_this_with_so_much_of_love_and_now_iam_so_upset" scenario that pains me to no end!!
I have learnt to work around such surprises through some disastrous instances.

So what did i do?? i have been avoiding this shirt as much as i can with light banter about how i would look like a hindu fanatic or worker in thirupathi temple with the shirt and laugh it away whenever she recommends the shirt for the day!!
Little did i know that she would cleverly insert this one while packing for this hyderabad trip!
Today as i was looking for a shirt for my cream colored pant i found that none of the pressed shirts were dark enough to match the pant and this furiously colored one was the only one darker than the other ones!!!
So i decided to give it a try!

Now i hide myself in the corner of the room and the hallways walkways,consciously reminding myself to avoid the weird looks i have been getting and been hanging my head in shame as i look at my reflection on the glass window panes.
The shirt is not even manly let alone professional!!!
The color will suit a girl's dress or a 2-3 year old boy and not any older!!I guess my mom still considers me as her 2-3 year old baby !! :)
But still....

I can only hope that my day runs away fast!! :-|
Its all in the game :)