Friday, May 01, 2009

Two type of trips

There are two type of trips one can take to any place of interest!
One is a site seeing trip and another one is a photography trip!!
Site seeing trip is something which everyone is aware of ! Its the one where one goes to primarily see,hear and smell the sights and sounds and smells,the place has to offer and to generally get a feel of the place!!

But a photography trip is one where you intend to do all of the above and also aim to get some decent shots of that place! When i say get decent shots i do not mean the standard "I was there" shots which tourists usually take!! Photographers ,amateur or professional,like to spend time and capture a place in such a way that is both unique and special and brings out the feel of the place in their own style! One needs to spend quite a lot of time and mind to take such photos!

Personally i have felt that such photos cannot be taken during a siteseeing trip!! The people who are with you make a very big difference in a trip too!! Ideally you would need people who understand when Iam staring at a subject for minutes together trying to visualise the photo in my mind and try to think of the angles and composition while noting the lighting conditions.You want to go with the kinda people who can sense such a situation and not expect me to tag along with them or talk to me during those times!At the same time you would want to also talk abt the nuances and share your experiences and tips during other times to make such photography trips really complete!!Such company is possible only when you have photography enthusiasts with you.

Such photography trips are hard to take when you have constraints with you in terms of time,company etc! For example when you are planning to cover places and are packing one too many landmarks with fair bit of travel in between,it can be downright impossible!
Usually i take photography trips to selected places(just 1 place almost all the time) with fellow photographers with a clear mindset and intent.DSLR cameras require you to carry a bag with all lenses and stuff so it is quite bulky and heavy to carry around! So most of the times my trips wont last more than half a day!

Such trips are impossible during instances like now when i am just trying to see as many places in Hyderabad during the limited time i have here with trips spanning for 1 whole day.Also where in the motivation to click is dampened due to non-availability of my laptop.

I guess i have to come to Hyderabad one more time so that i can "aaram se" plan such photography trips to the various landmarks here!
Until then! It will be just covering places....