Monday, February 05, 2007

All in the Game - part I

Had decided not to post this as this was too long but have decided to post this spurred by a friend's suggestion.
Hope you wont mind!! :-)

All in the Game - part I

Is a great enigma.

Like all great things it’s a collection of simplicities.

Its about simple sorrows and smiles with a fair bit of grievances and guiles.

For most of us it is day after day of endless insignificance.

“It is an interesting boredom”

Who said that???

Oh ! its just our friend Imran . Say Hi to him, because you might have to get along with him through the course of this story.

Sitting diagonally across to his cubicle is our poor little Anil.

He is gently disturbed from his “work” by the expression of personal philosophy from his teammate. But since he is used to the occasional “outbreaks” of his eccentric friend he focuses back to his “work” of scanning the forwards in his inbox.

As he sheepishly reviews the rare snaps of his favourite model(female , of course) he is thrown aback by the deep voice of his PL Peter.


Now Anil’s PL is a weird character. He always looks serious and expresses the gravest of expressions for any situation whatsoever.


He called him again as if to make him ready for the news he is going to break out.

Anil looked at him with all seriousness of a LKG student who looks up to the teacher for the first time.

Peter looked around once as if to confirm that nobody is listening and spelt out the words in a deep hoarse voice as if he is acting in a mani ratnam movie.

“Production bombed”

After saying this there was an unnoticeable gleam in his face that can only be seen in the face of a covert agent who had just carried out a top-secret mission.

After that brief moment his face turned to even more serious note and it looked as if he was contemplating the idea of distributing cyanide capsules to his teammates.

But Anil was overjoyed on hearing those words as his puny mind had suggested that any physical damage to production infrastructure could only result in the extension of his deadlines!!!

“Who ! …. I mean how???”he enquired as he struggled hard to suppress his obvious glee.

Now Peter’s face grew even darker and he started to grow a little anxious.

“It’s the code we deployed yesterday”, his voice grew a lot huskier as he added,” the one which you coded”.

Anil did all he can to look apologetic. He even tried to look shameful for his mistake, even more shameful than the day he was caught kissing the decorative sculpture in chennai airport!!! He failed.

After happily noting the regret in Anil’s face, Peter continued.

“That’s ok, please try to investigate into this issue, I need to the reason for the failure ASAP”

“Absolutely!! I will……I mean….I always thought…….I think its………….”, Anil stammered. His suffering didn’t last long as peter turned to his cubicle and eventually reached there safely after dodging invisible arrows to his head.

“No other bomb inflicts the most damage like the one which never explodes” it was Imran again.

Anil slowly descended into his seat with a deep breath. He had long stopped responding to such involuntary outbursts from Imran.

For the next few minutes he tapped all keys of his keyboard crazily with frequent noises of “Oh!!!” “damn!! “ “Oh my Gooooooooooood” and a few other unparliamentary words, while carefully making sure it was audible to people around him, especially to Peter.

Then he decided to quit this nonsense and do something constructive. He locked his computer and set out to food court.

..... to be continued

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