Friday, February 16, 2007

Deal Unto Death – Part X

Keerthana took some time to reminisce in the past, to get back to the happy times. The beautiful days that made her heart bloom with the scent of love and the eventual heart break that left an inerasable scar.

“I knew he was special right from the beginning.He was not just another friend and the way my heart used to beat whenever I saw him, I knew it was more than mere friendship.But I was confused , I was not sure whether I was really in love and I used to suffer the pain of hidden love in my heart. I was sure ,Vilas was going through the same but I never had the courage to make the first move. But I didn’t have to. He proposed to me in the third year. Apparently he too had something going about me right from the beginning,but was never sure how to go about it. I was ecstatic when I heard him tell me that he was in love with me but I was put in even more confusing state then.

I knew our parents wouldn’t be too happy to hear the news. There were too many complexities and there is fair amount of social inequalities and segregations in our society.But he was after me all the time and persuaded me to agree to him. He was the sweetest and kindest lover anybody can get”

She paused a little as her heart was going through a fair amount of pain and she had to recollect herself.Then she continued.

“One day we were spotted by his neighbor and his parents found out we were in love. They were really very adamant and weren’t even ready to talk. He used to comfort me saying that they will yield to us with time. But it never happened. Day by day, the situation only worsened and his attitude towards me was also turning sour. He was not the same sweet,kind and soft Vilas and I got to see a more cranky and angry version of him from time to time. By this time we had graduated from our college and were looking for a job and that’s when he landed on a job in Bangalore. I totally freaked out. I pestered him to no ends to make his parents agree somehow and one fine day, just a few days before he was to leave Mumbai,he exploded. I had never seen Vilas so angry and he even raised his hand in a fit of rage. I came home crying and fuming. That night I didn’t sleep and was thinking all through. I decided that if I carry on with my relationship with him then all the days of my future shall turn out to be like what happened that day.If this is the way he was going to behave then there was no guarantee as too how he will turn out after marriage. I knew I had to take a practical decision rather than being an emotional fool.

“The next day I called up Vilas and told him this wasn’t going to work out. He apologized to me saying that he was under a lot of stress and all that but I told him very clearly that this wasn’t with that one off incident. He tried to meet me a lot of times and called me a million other times. I ignored him all through. He even tried to contact through our mutual friends.I used to cut off the phone as soon as I heard his voice.Sure it wasn’t easy for me and my heart was torn into pieces everytime he tried to contact me,but I just had to do it.I knew I was doing it for his good too.It was the only logical solution to the problem ,hard as it might be for me and for him.”

There was an uneasy silence between the two. Ravi was stirring the cup with the spoon even though the coffee had been mixed well and had gone cold.He just couldn’t help thinking about his lost love and empathize with the pain

“My parents never knew about this affair all through and when they started looking for a groom I couldn’t find any reason to say no. I had to move on with my life and try to forget the past. But the past does not leave me in peace and keeps coming back to me to haunt me in my sleep!!”

There were tears in her eyes. Ravi felt really bad for conceiving the meeting.

“I….Iam sorry” he blurted out.

“That’s fine” she said ,wiping off her tears before anybody could suspect anything.

“I think I owe you a really big thanks ……….for you coming here and all that……”.He said

“That’s fine!! If only we understand why he committed suicide we can let his soul and my past rest in peace. I never knew he would take the break up so hard“

“hmmmmm….”Ravi just replied with a elongated sigh.

“I got to go now.There will be doubts if I take time”

“Of course, I really appreciate you agreeing to meet me!”

“No problems…………uh..” she looked at the cashier’s desk as if she was wondering about the bill.

“I will take care of it.Dont worry about it” he quickly said.

“Bye”she said and got up.

“Take care” he said and watched her leave the place.

He was calmly thinking to himself for a while and left the place after paying the bill.

He had lunch before going to the hotel and started adding the newly acquired information in the case file. Just then there was a call from Rishi.

“Dude…tell you what…think I cant make it today evening…but I got time at around 3…think you can make it??”

He was really getting under the skin of Ravi and Ravi made a conscious effort not to be angry or sarcastic.

“Hmmm .. think that should be fine”

“OK man!! See you there” the line was cut.

Ravi estimated the time and left for Cross road, the agreed place of the meeting. He entered the shopping mall and tried to find out his way to the hang out they had agreed to meet. After reaching there , Ravi gave him a call.

“Oh …Ravi??.Uh ….tell you what……..something came up man….dont think I can make it right now…… about tomm??”

Ravi couldn’t take it any longer.

“Listen Mr.Rishi!! this is not a joke,If you are not willing to cooperate I will have to take up the assistance of the police to get to interrogate you through the legal channel”

“wowow!!chill down dude!! Am all for cooperation and all man!! Just that I was a bit tied up!! Come on its Pooja’s brother!! You know !! the guy was sure a pain but what am I gonna gain by not talking to you”

“So you will definitely meet me tomorrow??”

“Sure man ten o clock,pucca!!”

“Good see you tomorrow” he cut the call rather rudely. But he was angry and was not very happy to be made to come to the place for nothing. That’s when he got another call. He picked up the line.


“Hello! Can I speak to Ravi


“Hi!! This is Sameer!! Vilas’ friend”

Ravi raised his eyebrow.

“I have been trying to reach you but I had got the wrong number from Pooja.just verified with her and got the right number.I want to meet you”

“Oh Iam currently not in my place,just out in cross road to meet someone”

“You are in cross road now???”


“Oh cool , I am very near to the place right now. You got time now?? Or can I meet someother time??”

“We can meet now I guess”

“Great just stay there”

Then they confirmed the name of the restaurant where they can meet up.Ravi heaved a sigh.It was getting more and more interesting.

… be continued.

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