Sunday, February 04, 2007

IT - not my cup of Tea

It was during one of the evenings of yet another mundane work day when my friend Deepak pinged me in office messenger.Now,if you know anything about CHNINK I dont have to tell you who Deepak is,but for others he is one of the most popular writer in my company's literary group CHN-INK and has written a lot of dramas and novels and has even released a book.
What followed was tiny bit of poem conversation,which abruptly stopped after i wrote something which pissed him off so much that he refused to go on!! :-)

Anyways i thought i will post it here anyways!!

IT - not my cup of Tea

Deepak :
Sitting alone in a crowd with a false smile

surrounded by mindless people for over a mile

I hear the sounds of typing endlessly in a stream

Jargons spoken in a strange language out of a dream

alone you are,sharing the same frustration

with scores of fellow robots of your generation

imprisoned inside the land of liberty

confused as to, what is the place to be

I walk around seeing shameless faces
scurrying around in pointless rat races
They always talk of projects and code
I wonder if there is no end to this road

Day after day its the same old grind
failures around and reasons to find
i wonder ,will there be an end to this
to this crazy pursuit and a way to peace!!


Deep down inside I know the truth
gone and wasted are the days of youth
I cannot sell anymore my soul or heart
I wait for the day when from IT I'd depart

But there is no gain if there is no pain
The returns make sure that you still remain
you might crib,you might rant or you might even wail
but I dont think you are gonna leave IT atleast a while


Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Aaaha..Ur title is the most often pronounced sentence after being selectd in campus :-/

And hence it puled me inside ur blog :) U have a ncie blog..Keep writing :)

CVR said...

Thanks Ponnarasi!! :-)

Shiv said...

Hey CVR...wen deepak and u start off, i guess there is nothing more interesting..nice conv..and if i had been there, wud have had the same verses!!

CVR said...

Would have been great if we could have had you in the conversation!! :-)
Hope we can have you some time!! :-)

ricky said...

wow!! you guys are awesome. This is really good one. True feelings from heart :-)

balsu said...

I thought Mr.Naidu is the reason for your frustration.But it looks like Naidu is just pouring fuel to a burning cvr.

IT is not my cup of tea either.But I do it for a cup of tea everyday for myself and few others :)