Monday, February 05, 2007

All in the game – part IV

Anil couldn’t believe his ears. Plane hijack with a bunch of girls???

As if to reflect his views, he could hear guffaw from few seats around him.

“Yo man!!! That’s so funny!! Why don’t you just sit down and chill!! Hey babe! Why don’t you put that thing aside for while? Its probably hurting your soft hands!” a freaky looking guy remarked followed by ridiculous sounding laughter!!

“This is no joke!! And you sir, you better shut up your mouth and sit tight or else the results can be quite unpleasant to you!!” it was that gentleman in suit.

“Oh yea!!! What if I don’t sit tight?? What if stand up and what if I roam around and just have a nice time??” so saying who stood up and tried to put his hands around one of the air hostesses with the gun.

The next moment the girl hit him hard into his stomach with her left elbow. Then there was kick onto his face as she turned around. After that she indulged in a series of martial arts maneuvers ending with a blow aimed below his waist.

The audiences were spell bound with this display, which lasted only a few seconds. The freaky guy was dragged away from the place as he fell down reeling in pain.

Anil could barely hear Imran murmuring,”I always knew girls are painful”.

The gentleman in suit continued,”Ladies and gentleman, as you all can see, these girls are very highly motivated and meticulously trained. And I think you have got a clear demonstration of their martial arts prowess. So it’s in your best interests if you don’t try to do anything stupid”.

“But why??? Why this hijack??? What are your demands??” A lady from the seat just behind Anil asked.

“What did you ask? Why are we doing this?? “ the man shook his head in disgust.

“Humans!! How insensitive you can be??? You run around destroying nature’s wealth and complain when you have to bear the consequences of your deeds! You mindlessly misuse the treasures of Mother Nature and spit at her face with pollution in return. You gape at the beauty of her features; you go to hill stations, beaches, forests and throw trash like some crazy animal!!! I am sorry!! Why do I have to insult animals by comparing them with you??? Man is the most uncivilized animal nature has ever produced!!!! And she regrets that!!! Cant anyone see that Ma’ earth is crying????????”

“That explains the unusual amount of rain recently in chennai” Imran commented which was barely audible to anyone.

“For years organizations like Greenpeace has been trying to educate you dumb souls with ways to salvage the situation. But you greedy idiots are too ignorant to listen to them. Your governments have conveniently ignored all their peaceful initiatives. So we decided it’s high time they took notice. We started the organization “Samurais of the world”. Like the ancient Japanese warriors who had sworn to protect their emperor, we are committed to protecting and sustaining mother earth in her full glory and this is our first operation.”

“What are your demands???”

“Signing of the Kyoto protocol by all countries in the next 10 hours and a few more genuine demands. That is being taken care of by our leader in the cockpit even as we speak”

There was a bit of a buzz amongst the crowd as the people were trying to come to terms with the situation.

“I assure you all comfort and respect if only you people can appreciate the objective of our mission and help us achieve it! But any effort to disrupt our operation shall be dealt with the harshest possible punishment.” The gentleman in suit exclaimed.

Anil swallowed his saliva. He was not sure what to feel. But even though the plane was being hijacked there wasn’t too much of a tension in the plane. For a minute he even wondered whether he could sleep. He felt that quite a bit of the passengers were sympathetic with the cause of the hijackers. As he looked around restlessly he discovered something very important. He found out some of the air hostesses were actually men dressed as women. He was not sure how many passengers had noted that but he was sure that this would make them think twice if they plan for any heroism.

Thinking of heroes he looked at Imran to find him peacefully!! Was he sleeping?? It looked more like he was meditating. Just then his eye caught an unnoticeable eye play between two of the passengers. As he started watching them curiously the plane shook a little throwing everyone off balance.

And then there was a bit of a rough ride as it looked as if the plane was caught in turbulence. After a while the plane started shaking a lot more wildly. The bespectacled gentleman was beginning to look worried and after ordering through the eyes to hold fort he headed towards the cockpit. After a couple of seconds there was noise of a struggle and a gunshot was heard from the direction where that man had gone.

Then the plane started behaving real violently. There was suddenly a steep drop and Anil was almost thrown off his seat. Then he could see tension on the faces of people around him. By this time the plane had started descending steeply.

He felt nauseated due to the abrupt change in the pressure and he could see that people were falling all around him. He felt like he was going to throw up. The yellow oxygen masks dropped in front of him and started dancing as if a ghost had possessed them. He could hear the glasses breaking all around him and the air rushing out due to the unbalanced pressure. By the time people had gone completely crazy and they were shouting, chanting, praying and screaming into a huge noise of confusion. Quite a few were not able to cope up and soon there was an unbearable stench of vomit culminating around him. Anil knew he was going to die. He was clutching harder at the armrests and for a brief moment he even thought he should put on the seat belts!! But that was not possible. The bodies of the passengers started making sound by hitting onto the seats and the things like bags,shoes,cameras,etc were seen flying all over the plane. Some people were rolling all over the plane due to the shift in the plane’s position and due to the abnormal speed with which the plane was dropping. Anil felt as if he was going to faint. He could suddenly see bright light, pain, pressure, ecstasy, stars and finally miles and miles of enduring blackness.

He fell unconscious.

......... to be continued

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